Thursday, August 30, 2012

Teacher Love

Ava is beyond crazy excited to go to school. So excited in fact that when I tried to explain that we were going to school yesterday to meet her teacher, drop off her school supplies and sign up for girl scouts...not actually staying at school she became incredibly upset. I tried to soothe her by explaining I had made a cool present for her teacher, but that backfired too because then I got "I want you to make a present for me!!" 

This is so easy to make but I can tell you that the teachers love being thought of!


Mint Candies -We always have these on hand because our kids can be bribed more with mints than any other candy...go figure!
A small bag -I used a treat bag I usually get from Michaels or Joanns for cookies but you could use a ziplock baggie
FREE "You were Mint to be my teacher" printable - Found here on the Celebration shoppe!

Last ingredient...

Cute Bebe whose only three months old but refuses to sit still and not roll over. He's figured it out and he wants to be part of the action!!

First I added her new teachers name and printed the signs out. 

Next I filled my bag with mints, this would be cute if you could find those colourful swirled mints too. 

I folded my sign in the middle and measure the total length and side lengths I needed to attach it to my bag. Then I cut off the remaining strips. 

I placed a piece of tape over the bag to keep it secure. 

Then stapled the paper to the bag. Note: They aren't actually made for this purpose, they were made to wrap around chocolate bars so one side will be upside down but it's still super cute. 

I cut out some ribbon to hide the staples and used tacky glue to attach it to the card stock. 

And Voila! Super cute, easy and won't stretch your budget but will make someone feel super special! 
Umm by the way when Ava handed it to her teacher she was elated and then she looked at me and said: "Oh my goodness did you find this on Pintrest?"
Yeah, she and I are going to be BFF.

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