Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fairy Party

Last year we celebrated our princess's 5th birthday. As I am gearing up for her 6th birthday party (a Pajama Party more to come!) I looked back at her Fairy Birthday. 

I started out hand making her invitations. I bought some tan coloured scrap booking paper and roughened up the edges with scissors and then some brown stamping ink (you can also use a soaked tea bag, but it can leave the paper a little wet). I hand drew all of the treasure maps in pencil first then followed it with a dark scrapbooking pen and added some glitter glue to the compass  and palm tree's. 
I added the rhyme to vellume paper and rolled them up like treasure maps! Then I wrapped them with some ribbon and a gift tag distressed with the stamping ink again. 

So cute all of the girls loved them and I had several Mom's apologize for not RSVP'ing sooner as they couldn't find the invitation because their daughters had them up in their rooms and were looking for lost treasure! LOVE

Then it was off to the races, I couldn't get my hands on enough idea's! I made ridiculously sweet party hats using the tutorial on Tradewind Tiara's. I also hand sewed some red circular cushions which I placed over our large silver drink buckets to make it look like toadstools! I bought the red and white fabric at Joann's in the clearance section (scoooore!)...and let's be serious when I say hand sewn I mean I kind of pieced together a way to make it into a circle...but certainly lumpy looks more realistic right? Because I can't really sew. 

The night before I was frantically hanging decorations with my husband who was annoyed at me for continually standing on chairs, we also had just found out I was expecting so I get it! I used a lot of crepe paper in the living room to create a sweet fairy affect in the living room where we would be decorating wings and tinkering with necklaces. I used our chandelier in our dining room and wrapped the glasses with more crepe paper to make them look like flowers and hung some tulle and poms. 
I hit up friends for different coloured table cloths, I apparently only have white and one black table cloth! 
I found the fairy wings at Micheal's, they came two in a package and thought it would be a really fun craft for the girls to make and take home with them. 

Next came the cake. It was my first time sculpting a person and I'm pretty happy with the way Tinkerbell turned out. I wanted the cake to kind of look like a stump so I added extra icing in different area's of the top cake so it looked uneven and rustic. 
I found the wood pieces at Micheal's as well and had a 50% off coupon. I love coupons!

And last but not least was the food. I was pretty happy with all of our creations: Baby Snail Sandwiches (Tortilla's with PB&J), Toadstools (hollowed out cherry tomatoes on top of string cheese), Acorns (Hershey Kiss attached to a Nilla Wafer), Fairy Berries, Fairy Wands and Make a Wish Dandelion Cake Pops. 

I was actually able to find a lot of the moss rocks and green table runners at the Dollar store, the Dollar Store is a great resource for parties you find all kinds of random things you would never expect to find!

Sharing my idea on the Celebration Shoppe's What I made Wednesday link Party!

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