Friday, August 3, 2012

Cameo Friday's

Yay Cameo Friday! Every Friday I will try to post something I make using my Cameo. 

This week I made these absolutely adorable Cupcake Boxes. I used Design #30339 created by Rivka. She's awesome by the way! She's so nice, answers all of your questions and has some really great designs. Check out her blog!

On the silhouette I was able to print out two of the longer pieces on one piece of 12x12 paper and the remaining three pieces on a second sheet. By the way, I love double sided scrapbook paper; it's so awesome!

1. Transfer two of your cut outs to one sheet of scrapbook paper, and the other three shapes to the second piece.
2. Peel off the excess scrapbook paper, then slowly and carefully peel off your cut shape.
3. Once you have all of your shapes you're ready to start!

4. I cut a piece of vinyl to the size of the window, then used double sided tacky tape (love) to glue the vinyl window into place. 
5. Presto Window!
6. Then I glued the bottom of the longer pieces together and then the bottom of the smaller pieces on top. 
7. Last but not least add the sticky tape to each of the sides and then attach to the sides of the window. '

And Brava! Adorable Cupcake boxes! Aren't they so cute? Again love the double sided scrapbook paper you can make two boxes out of the same paper and you get two different looks! I will admit I like the Chevron pattern on the outside with the pink inside a bit better, the chevron on the outside looks a bit trippy :) 

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