Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Baby Shower Cupcakes

Here's an easy baby shower cupcake idea! If you're not sure what the Momma to be is having you can do blue and pink, or if you are the momma to be and you want to surprise the family this is a great idea!! I recently made these for a wonderful customer who was hosting a baby shower. The theme she chose was cravings so I made, Cookie Dough, Breakfast in Bed and Chocolate Peanut butter. 

Make a half batch of your favourite white cake, tint half blue and half pink (or all the same colour if you know the sex).

Fill the rest of the cupcake with your favourite chocolate or Vanilla Cupcake batter. I liked doing the chocolate because I thought the contrast was nice. 

These are my Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes. An incredibly soft chocolate cake with a tiny peanut butter cup in the middle. Then I top it with a swirl of Peanut butter butter cream and a chocolate ganache frosting, and top it with another tiny peanut butter cup. 

So cute, what a fun surprise for Momma to be!!

This was like the best cupcake ever, I am so glad I made extra and got to eat this one! :) 

Mmm chocolatey goodness....

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