Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best Turkey Burgers Ever

Let me tell you I love hamburgers. My only problem? I can't eat hamburgers because I don't digest beef well and it makes me sick beyond belief. So I have to look to alternatives which is fine because the alternatives are better for you in the long run...but let's face it, they can be dry and nothing tastes as good as beef! 

Until now. Now I bring you the best Turkey burgers in the world. They were so juicy and moist I could have eaten two...but I had also just made cookies and they needed to be consumed as well so cookies won over second hamburgers. 

I also made homemade sesame seed buns! Mmmmmmmm!

For the Hamburger buns I followed the recipe from Food People Want

Combine 1 pkg of active dry yeast with 1 1/3 cups milk* and 1 1/2 tsp sugar.
*The recipe calls for heating the milk to 115 degrees, don't do this. I did this, liquids that are added to yeast that are hot kill the yeast...okay that might not be accurate exactly but I remember Alton Brown saying this. The Milk should be room temperature, not hot it will help your dough rise and be more fluffy then dense. I ended up with tasty, but dense buns. 

Add 4 cups of flour, remaining sugar and a dash of sea salt.

Next add your slightly beaten egg.

And the butter. Attach your dough hook and knead for 8 mins, until the dough pulls away from the sides and is soft. It shouldn't be sticky. 

Start making your bacon for the Turkey Burgers. Do you do this? I always cook bacon in a broiling pan...I think it has to do with fooling myself that it's "healthier" because it doesn't cook in it's own fat. I also like crispy bacon and so I make it on the low broiler setting. Also you don't have to worry about splash back. Cook 7 pieces of bacon, 4 for the Burgers, 2 to top the burgers and 1 for you to eat because lets face it you will anyways so might as well provision a slice in advance...

When the bacon is crispy enough let it rest on some paper towel.

After 8 mins of kneading transfer to an oiled bowl and let it rest for 2 hours. 

Gather your ingredients for your burgers.
1 pkg of ground turkey
1/2 cup of feta
1 egg
1/2 cup of bread crumbs (italian seasoned)
4 strips of bacon chopped up
1/2 tbs A1
Dash of salt and pepper

Throw all of your ingredients in and mix to combine. 

Your meat should come together and be slightly sticky, you don't want to dry them out by adding too much bread crumbs. 

It's always good to have a handsome helper with you.

Make the desired patty size needed for your burgers. I made mine normal size as far as I am concerned and it came to 5 patties. 

After the 2 hours, pinch 12 even balls from the dough and wrap in the saran wrap to proof for another 1.5 hours. 

When you're ready to bake preheat the oven to 400 degrees, spray them with water and add your sesame seeds. Bake for 19-20 mins until golden.

While your buns are cooking throw your Turkey burgers on the barbeque, grill on each side at least 5 or so mins until the internal temperature meets Turkey doness standards.

Place a piece of bacon and slice of sharp cheddar on top, turn the barbeque off and let it melt. 

Once your buns are ready pull them out of the oven and let them sit on a wire rack to cool. Then slice and add your burger and favourite toppings and eat!!

Oooh look a salad to go with all that bacon...should have made more bacon for the salad...note for next time. 

Mmmm look at those feta and bacon innards. 

This is so good I promise you won't be disappointed. They were so moist and tasty, we're having them again tonight!!

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